Hooked on Camping

Back in the 70's we began camping as young adults. We became hooked!

While we were reminded of our childhood experiences, this was different. It became our cabin in the woods, but without the mortgage.

Our family would pack up after work on Friday and head to the lake. We would swim, fish, and ride bikes together, and my favorite the campfire. We went home each weekend feeling refreshed, and with great memories of the time we spent together. Leaving being so hard to do.

Soon others came with us, nieces, nephews, friends and other family. All of whom still camp today and take their own families. We are presenting this with the goal of infusing family with the appreciation of nature. With so much technology and desensitizing information.

We hope this will awaken your senses and motivate you to Camp in Color.

The Publishers of Camping in Color
Camping in Color Consultants


  1. This entry just took me back in time, man. Great post! I also look forward to reading about your adventures in the great outdoors, and also getting some tips. I'm ready to get my camp on!

  2. Kareema, thanks for the comment, get your marshmallo stick ready.