Thirty Years and Still Excited !!!

Myrtle Beach  State Park

Still excited about camping and our lives together!
We are looking forward to the final holiday of the summer. 
Excitement is building as we prepare, hence the title of this blog.
We are lucky to have a site. 
Getting a campsite on on a holiday weekend can be very difficult,
unless you book far in advance. So don't procrastinate

This time we didn't have a site reserved, and from past experience we knew the only way to get one would be to go there early Wednesday or Thursday, and try to find a walk up site.
Walk up sites can be like what Forrest Gump said "Momma always said life was like a box a chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get." 

But we hit the jackpot, a previously booked site became available. Because we didn't give up we kept searching on
Not only did we get a site, we got a prime waterfront site!

The Camping consultants prefer the Army corp of engineer parks because most are on lakes.
Most sites have electricity and water. That makes them one of our favorite places to camp.

So now we prepare for our trip, after thirty plus years of camping we still use a camping list.
Where there's organization, there's relaxation!

Here's our camping checklist, no list is complete we recommend that you customize a checklist for your needs.
The Camping Consultants


Camping checklist
Food and related items
    food (shop at home first) plan meals ahead and multiply times the # of days camping
    seasonings (some things can be seasoned at home
    pots, pans
    coffee/tea pot
    utensils for cooking
    plates, cups and napkins
    knives, forks,spoons
    dish liquid
    can-bottle opener
    bin for washing dishes
    paper towels
    storage containers/storage bags
    ice/ice packs (you can make ice blocks in bowls or large storage bags)
    trash bags/plastic bags from the grocery store
    beverages/drinking water
    camping stove or griddle, hotplate (for sites w/electricity
    fuel for stove
    extension cord
    charcoal and lighter fluid
    grill (most campgrounds have grills)
    grill brush (or use crumbled alum foil)
    coolers (one for meat, the other for beverages)
    smore's stuff
    snacks (healthy)
    Tent and Sleeping
    tent (or camper of your own or rented)
    sleeping bags or sheets and comforter
    Air mattress, foam or cot (your choice)
    don't forget pump for your air mattress
    lantern- fuel and/or batteries
    hammer or mallet for staking tent
    Camping Gear
    lantern (yes it's listed twice) So important!!!
    fuel or batteries for lantern
    extra lantern mantles
    flashlights/extra batteries
    long handle lighter
    waterproof matches/wooden matches (place in a storage bag)
    fire starter sticks/or build your fire from scratch
    folding saw (for cutting wood)
    folding knife or multi tool
    tarp (great if it rains and great under your tent)
    rope, or cord (for clothes or hanging tarp)
    shovel or folding shovel
    whisk broom and dust pan
    work gloves
    firewood (if camping locally)
    swim gear
    life jackets
    fishing gear
    sun screen
    insect repellent
    first aid kit
    rain suit (about 10-12 dollars)
    baby wipes can be very useful

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  1. I enjoyed every youtube and now I'm exploring your blog. Thanks!!