How to filet and skin a fish

As the sea of green foliage begins to change into it's autumn colors.
Patrons of the campgrounds slow, which for us, as a party of two begins our time to enjoy romantic weekends.
Swimming season is all but behind us. Replaced by bike rides, bird watching, and brisk walks, others will enjoy a mix of day and evening temperatures. None the less, it's the beauty of the fall colors that await.
With splashing children, and jet skis out of the lake.
Fishing is at the top of the list. Sitting by the waters edge with a rod or two, and a cold beverage is a great way to relax. 
So you've caught a bunch of fish, now what?
Only keep what you will eat!
And watch our video on how to filet and skin a fish.

The Camping Consultants

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  1. Great video Camping Consultants! I need you to come cut my fish. Fish is cheaper when you buy it whole.

    Good looking out!