Things not to do when camping!

Over the years we have had camping experiences with animals.
Deer have attempted to get into plastic bins storing food.
Squirrels have eaten marshmallows left out overnight, but this was the most amazing.
After a day trip sightseeing we headed back to the campground.
Instead of eating out, we wanted to cook a nice dinner and relax.
We were looking forward to our two inch thick new york strip steaks seared on an open fire, you know the old school kind from the butcher wrapped in paper.
When we arrived at our site there were grapes spilled about and muddy prints on our cooler, which we left out but hinged tightly.
The animal had small hands which opened the latches and stolen not just grapes, but our brats and our beautiful steaks. We were outdone, raccoons  raided our cooler.  The more we looked around the more evidence of the crime we discovered.
Well I guess you could say we learned our lesson, now we put our cooler in the car if it has food inside and suggest you do the same. Unless your in bear country which requires a whole lot more. That's a story for another day.
And the morale of the story is don't leave your cooler alone. What if there was wine in there?   

The Camping Consultants

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