NY Times Article mentions Camping in Color

Check out this fascinating article in the NY Times Travel section (Traveling While Black) written by Farai Chideya. We are honored to be included in this piece.

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  1. I found your blog via the NYT article. I grew up camping and love to meet other people who enjoy it as much as I do. You have some good material here, but I did notice your YouTube video on how to start a fire has some problems. The video says it's 9:43 long, but the second half appears to be a repeat of the first half without sound. It would also be nice to see you discuss fire safety. Specifically how to pick/clear a spot to make a fire if there isn't a fire pit, how to put out a fire properly, and how to put an unburned stick in the fire after it's been put out (if a forest fire starts in the area, this will show that your fire was out). It would also be useful to show people how to make a fire after a rain. If you plan to cook on a fire but you can't get one started (and don't have a backup plan), it can be a pretty bad trip.