Giving Thanks

As we begin the holiday season we give thanks.
We are thankful for our families, thankful for  our bounty and our health. 
But do we acknowledge our world, our precious planet and all it provides?
Do we take the time to look at all the different shapes of leaves and colorful hues, or do we simply rake and discard them?

Do we let ourselves enjoy the bright blue sky on a crisp autumn afternoon, or do we rush through it to the warmth of our dwellings?
When do we give mother earth her thanks for all she provides us. 
Our very existence is based upon her. 
While some of us may experience cold snowy days and others rain filled gray skies, let us not miss out on the beauty of it all.
We are thankful for all the enjoyment and pleasure that nature provides, and we are thankful to all of you who read this blog. 
May you have a blessed and bountiful holiday.

The Camping Consultants

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