A camper Transformation


Hello campers, We haven't posted in awhile been a little under the weather, 
But all is well now.
The picture above is what can happen to a camper when water can sneak in. So make sure that you check all seams, cracks, and any place water can get in. Be sure to use the proper sealants for the type of roof that you have, some sealants that are good for the roof may not be good for plastic skylights etc.
This is a Toyota mini motor home that belongs to my neighbors.


When they got this camper I couldn't wait to work on it.
I first rip out all the damaged and rotted wood, sealed the roof, let it dry out thoroughly.
And replaced the synthetic wood with oak plywood.

Now every time I go to my neighbors they have done some other modifications. They are addicted. 
If they come outside one day and the camper is gone, We didn't take it.
Happy camping.

The Camping Consultants


  1. I really like your blog. I have never been camping but I am intrigued.

  2. Awesome..can you please post more pictures of your camper.. It looks like a tear drop from the photo.