Exploring history while camping!

There are so many things in life that challenge us daily. Camping is perceived as a challenge and it's really not.
I am disappointed that more of us don't do it.  Camping is worth it!! 
We're back in the Low Country islands of the Gullah Geechee People (St. Helena S.C).  and this time we are joined by our family. Whom we haven't been camping with for many years. Our first night was a long one! Filled with laughter and joy which lasted into the wee hours of the morning. I am always amazed at the level of relaxation I'm able to achieve while camping. I am generally a bit hyper and tend to keep moving until it's time for me to sleep, but in the woods my body slows down and I find that I can become still and take in all the beauty of my surroundings. 
Here in the South Carolina islands there is much to see and do. First the beauty of palm trees and live oaks with their Spanish moss blowing in the warm tropical breeze. With the ocean warm and inviting.  
The sand dunes are filled with loggerhead turtle nests, and are preparing for there journey to the sea.
Long stretches of soft sand, perfect for romantic walks or morning runs if your so inclined. 
And there is the rich Gullah history here and the basket weavers who still use their talent that was passed down to them from the ancestors.
St. Helena Island is one place everyone of us should visit, and making it a camping excursion is the way to go in my book. So unplug and let your body and soul take in all that these beautiful islands have to offer.
Also make sure that you visit Hunting Island State Park with it's beautiful beach and lighthouse.


  1. Summer is the best time to explore the great outdoors, and nothing puts you closer to nature than camping. It’s a fun chance to leave behind the comforts of home and try your hand at roughing it in the wilderness for a few days.

    Camping is an excellent pastime that can bring family and friends closer together as you roast marshmallows over a crackling fire.


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