Choosing a Tent

When purchasing your tent we suggest poles that are shock corded for quick and easy set up. Shock corded poles have a stretchable cord inside or in some cases aluminum poles with chain, keeping all the pieces to each pole together. There are basically three types of family tents. A cabin style that you can stand up in, these are great when changing clothes or when you have children. These also can come with dividers to make separate rooms. Dome styles are also good, lightweight, but have way less headroom with sloping walls. And some of the newer tents can have screen rooms attached and awnings, I even seen some that look like a log cabin. Choose wisely, purchase the best quality that you can afford. A quality tent will last for years. It may be best to borrow or rent first to see which type suits you.  
If your a first time camper and you have purchased a new tent or borrowed one. There are a few things you should do before you go.  
Open and set up your tent to confirm that all the parts are intact. 
Familiarize yourself with the set up, this way you'll know what your doing when you reach your campsite, this is especially true if you may arrive after dusk. If your lantern is new, set that up as well to confirm that it too is in working order.
View our video on lanterns and read last seasons article on what to bring and how to shop at home. Remember, the more prepared you are the more fun you'll have when you get there.
The Camping Consultants


  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    I'm learning the abc's of gear to wear when hiking. I'll graduate to camping soon.

  2. Camping is so simple, if you hike you surely can go camping. And you can take some comforts from home. If we can help just let us know.

  3. Avoid setting up camp anywhere on a hill, if possible. Whether you’re on the top, bottom or middle of a hill, all of these locations pose a threat to your safety. However, if it rains you may wake up in a puddle of water or worse in a deadly flash flood. Sometimes there is no level ground and you may have to settle for slightly sloping ground. Be sure to position your head on the uphill slope with your feet pointed downhill. If you lie sideways along the slope, you will inevitably roll to one side of the tent, pressing your body into the tent wall material, creating the potential for getting wet from condensation.