My introduction to camping

When I saw the report on msnbc (see the video clip inner city kids explore the great outdoors).
It reminded me of how I was introduced to the outdoors.

Back in my hometown of Boston, there was a program that paired city kids with families in the suburbs.
At age eight I was matched with the Dolans. They were caring and loving, and made me feel like family.
They lived in a large home on a lake with a small boat slip.

This was the beginning of a my love affair with the outdoors.

During the summers I remember swimming everyday, catching turtles on lily pads and fishing.
Skipping rocks on the lake and just doing nothing. (Now I'm a professional at doing nothing) LOL.

One of the best memories was the camping trips, in old style canvas army tents. These tents were really old school, If it rained and you touched the tent you got wet.

Learning to relax and not be afraid of the unfamiliar. Challenging myself to learn new and different things such as starting a fire, digging a trench and spotting
poison ivy.

As African American adults we should and must expose our children to things that are different than the norm. Our goal is to help you with this task.

The Camping Consultants

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  1. camping is a really great activity to do with your family, its a great stress reliever and makes the kids happy. setting up the
    hiking tents
    , cooking barbecue. its just awesome