Wanted African Americans for camping

Yosemite National Park

"It's bigger than just African-Americans not visiting national parks. It's a disassociation from the natural world," said Johnson, who is black. "I think it is, in part, a memory of the horrible things that were done to us in rural America."

A quote from Shelton Johnson a interpretive specialist At Yosemite national park.

Check out this article from UPI on African Americans and camping.
Park official seeking more black visitors

This is what the Camping Consultants are saying, we need more exposure to the outdoors.
More interaction with our youth, with camping being a great way for one on one or group mentoring.

Camping builds confidence, imagine the look on the face of your child when they catch their first fish or build the perfect campfire.
kids need exercise, and to be in touch with their senses.

Most everyone that experiences camping with us, falls in love with it.
There is no boogie man in the woods!
Do you really feel that you won't survive the night?
Don't worry you will.
Let us help you get there.

The Camping Consultants

Check out the web cams from Yosemite National Park


  1. Love what you guys are doing!

    Let's stay connected! Are you aware of this conference?:

    I hope to meet you one day!


  2. Thanks,
    Maybe we can get more African Americans from the east and west coast to meet in the middle and go camping.

  3. My husband and I are an African American couple from North Carolina who also
    loves camping. We have gone from a pop-up to a 29ft travel trailer in 4 years. We always look forward to each new adventure. Thank you for sharing. Happy Camping!!!!

    1. I'm from N.Y and about to make my first purchase. I have a lot to learn and will try to frequent this page often.

  4. I bought a camper three years ago. When my husband met me I was already towing that thing across a few states and he just "tagged along", lol. Now, I've bought a pop up camper and am taking the kids with me to my jewelry convention (one night in hotel) and two nights camping. I can't wait! I live in MIchigan and wish there were more African-Americans who camped. I tried to join the NAARV but you have to be self-contained. Anybody from the Metro Detroit area out there???

  5. Hello,
    I am African Amerian and have have camped (at Houskeeping Campground) on three different occasions. Meanwhile my cousin has been camping there with a large group of African American friends every summer for over 20 years. I enjoy hiking and went up to Half Dome there my first camping trip. This summer I brought my neice and went horseback riding, and river rafting. Although I have mostly tent camped at other parks, I am considering a hard side pop up or an RV for myself in the next few years. I was wondering what RV facilities might be like at Yosemite.

  6. Hello,
    I think what you are doing is AWESOME! I found this site and actually referenced you guys (Rue, you too!), this past weekend, in a presentation at the Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children (DVAEYC) conference in Philadelphia, PA. My sister and I are trying to get more of us participating in outdoor recreation. Keep it up and maybe we'll meet up at some point!

    Keisha -