Camping 101 (Lanterns)

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Now it's time to buy, rent or borrow equipment.
There are basic things you will need to get started.
A tent to accommodate your family, a lantern to illuminate your area during evening hours, and a surface upon which to sleep all of which require great consideration.

For many stores camping equipment will be on clearance,
which is a perfect time to begin to accumulate tents, Lanterns, sleeping bags, and camp stoves, you name it.

Today's focus is on lanterns. They come in various styles and fuel options. Propane, led, fluorescent, and liquid fuel, some call it Coleman fuel.

Coleman fuel or Camping Fuel
Back in the day we called it white fuel. This fuel is readily available at most department stores. Just remember you must use a funnel or a pour spout to refill lanterns. This fuel is highly flammable, but these lanterns have great light. The light is produced by silk mantles. (I'll explain mantles later on)


Lanterns that use prefilled propane cylinders, which can be purchased most everywhere. Just screw on the cylinder. Get them at hardware stores, supermarkets, Walmart, Target etc.
The propane cylinders are attached easily and emit great light. While easy to use, these lanterns should not be used in your tent. These also use silk mantles

Battery Operated
You have fluorescent tubes, be careful of breakage, the bulbs can contain mercury.
I prefer Led lights over fluorescent.

While the led lanterns also run on batteries, their in a league of there own. The led lanterns are great, the batteries last long and can burn bright.
These lanterns can be a plus to you because they burn cool and are safe for children.
Because they are cooler to the touch you can take them into your tent.
(see the link for more info.)

You can also look at rechargeable battery operated lanterns.
Maybe I'm just old fashioned.
I still use a Coleman propane lantern that's about twelve years old.
I love the bright light of the propane.

Our nephew is still using the first lantern we purchased around 30 years ago.
Which is a Coleman liquid fuel lantern.

Camping equipment is a wise investment that you can enjoy for years.
Remember, look for sales at department stores and the outlet stores.
And, never pay full price. There are so many choices, many more then when we began.

Check out the links I've provided for more information. So that you can make an informed decision.

For any lantern that has a glass globe or that uses mantles I strongly recommend a case.
This will protect the lantern and mantles from breakage

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