Camping Inspiration

We want to tell you about our last camping trip.
In some ways it is what inspired us to write this blog.
Over the years we have introduced many people to camping.
But this most recent group has been notable.  

The variety of ages, ethnicity and social diversities.
We found the experience moving.

When we go camping we like to book in advance.
Doing so allows you to camp at a water front site.
Having a waterfront site is like being at your own exclusive beach.

It started as a week alone, just us two for five days.
we walked trails every morning with our dog.
Then came back, made coffee and took a morning swim in the lake.

This time we wanted to try something different, we wanted to catch stripper bass.
Usually we fish for whatever jumps on the hook. (lol)
So we purchased an umbrella rig and jig setup, and went trolling.

(click on the link for a look at the rig setup).
Trolling is when you are pulling bait (artificial or live) through the water slowly.
To our surprise, we caught two nice size striper bass in a short amount of time.
Now that was a great day!
It didn't matter to us if any other fish were caught for the remaining days.
What excitement!
The rig setup worked just like on tv without the edits.
Our fishing needs were met!

With all the places we could go, who would have guessed
that spending twenty two dollars a night.
So close to home, would fulfill our needs.
An entire week spent on on the lake.
No television other than a movie night.
No cell phone signal other than text messages.
No restaurants.
Just us and all the natural beauty that nature has to offer.

The week ended with a group camping outing.
Spanning four sites including our own. Twelve adults, eight kids,and four dogs.
Not to mention those who came down for the day.
The children swimming all day. While others spent time catching fish.
The ones who couldn't swim were introduced to a new experience, they had to be forced to leave the water to eat.
Some rode bikes while others hiked the trails.
By this time in the trip, we were content with basking in the sun, while taking in the view of the lake.
After a full week we returned home feeling refreshed and renewed, with a great time had by all.

Our next camping outing is all set for the labor day holiday.
Look for a lot more information on ways to make your camping experience a trip to remember.

The Camping Consultants

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