No Camper Left Behind


No child left inside act 2009

This is a excerpt of house bill H.R. 2054   

"Hands-on, experience-based environmental education as part of the school curriculum connects children to the natural world, and research supports that time spent outdoors lessens the symptoms of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), reduces stress and aggression, helps children sleep better, and improves physical health".

The Camping Consultants believe that these are just some of the problems caused by a lack of nature.

Camping allows unstructured play time, creating interest in the simplistic things. Such as finding shells and stones of various colors and shapes, and learning the variety of plant life.

When thinking of childhood, we remember coming home from school changing into play clothes and going outside. we would play football, tag, hide and go seek, and jump rope, you name it.
Can you recall the last time that you've seen a child play jump rope?
Children had the opportunity to just play. we new nature, we remember catching bees in old jelly jars and putting in some honeysuckle as food for them. And in the evening we caught firefly's

Remember when you could play in the whole neighborhood, not just sit in front of your house.
When the rule was be home when the street lights came on.
Those are the good times that we reflect upon.

Now children are in school with cell phones, i pods and portable video games.
Most don't know how to play unstructured games, jump rope, hop scotch and what about one of my favorites jacks. If they did they would probably need elbow pads and a helmet.
As adults we tend to over pamper our kids. We are making our children soft, unprepared for 21st century which is green. They need self reliance, and survival skills. Camping will give them both. 
"Environmental education ‘in the field’ as part of the regular school curriculum gets kids outside contributing to healthy lifestyles through outdoor recreation, exercise, play and experience in the natural world that is critical to helping prevent obesity and address other related health problems."

The Camping Consultants feel this bill is speaking in general terms of the health consequences of a lack of nature and exercise for all americans.
Let's multiply the effects on African American children of diabetes, heart disease, obesity etc.
When it comes to camping we're a no show.
We're tired of being recognized at check in because we're the only ones.
The National and State parks belong to all of us, so let's utilize them!

African Americans are rushing through our lives, we are in such a hurry that we are missing out on the great things that nature has to offer.
We are decreasing the life span of ourselves and our children.
Let's be the ones to break this cycle. Be part of the solution.
Go Camping in Color

The Camping Consultants


  1. I completely agree and just wrote a piece recently inspired by a book I just read: Last Child in the Woods. Are you guys coming to the conference in ATL? I sure would love to meet you! Keep up the good work!


  2. Thanks Rue, We won't be able to make the conference and I'm sure it will be great.
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