Camping a positive influence on our youth

First time camping with The Camping Consultants

We just came across this article (City kids leave concrete behind for the outdoors)
and thought it was inspirational, hat's off to Eugene Kane of the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel for bringing this information to light.
Ron Johnson a community resource coordinator, and the group TJ Peace are to be commended as men who recognizes the need for positive male role models. 
They also sees the importance that camping and nature has on ones growth and development.
Another person in the group is Terrence Ray, director of the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative.
Here's a quote from the article,

"Ray also considered the trip a valuable way to put his group's mission - promoting the role of fathers in their children's lives - into practice. This particularly includes African-American fathers and sons, a group that some people don't naturally equate with being avid campers in this part of the country."
This gives the Camping Consultants hope that a new generation of men will develop into the leaders of the future.
Men that appreciate the natural world and all that it has to offer. Our wish is that camping can become a retreat for the whole family. 

The Camping Consultants

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