Summers End

The last official holiday of the summer was busy and great fun!
We had two groups camp with us. The first group was a single mom and her son, who brought along a friend. All were first time campers. 
We sent her a Camping in color checklist to help her get organized. And to our delight, she showed up fully prepared. 
It always gives me a charge, watching the reaction of newcomers and seeing their faces light up with surprise and amazement. Watching families sharing true time together is priceless!
We left Friday night even though driving at night isn't as enjoyable as it once was.
But waking up on Saturday morning with the view of the lake and birds singing is always worth it. 

The morning view! 

Leaving on Friday, gave us a few hours alone before our guest arrive at noon. The boys age 13 and 14 showed up with a football and a PlayStation. Our site was large enough for them to throw the football around.
Then it was time to set up their sleeping quarters, We showed them how to pitch a tent and secure it properly. Remember this was their first time camping, they were amazed at how fast and easy setting up could be and it went well.
Then they were off swimming, fishing and boating. The Psp was never used that weekend, We offered a evening movie, which was turned down. Instead they roasted marshmallows and made smores, sat by the fire until late that evening and had to drag themselves to bed. The mom reported that her son wants to camp again, and his friend who wasn't a water person came to appreciate the lake and the outdoors.

The second group arrived shortly after the first group left that Sunday evening. Another mom and her daughter bringing with them two young girls. Fortunately they arrived just before sunset, and the girls immediately began swimming until dusk.

The moon was almost full, and the sky bright, a perfect time for a walk to star gaze.
The girls were nervous at first about walking without flashlights turned on in an unfamiliar setting.
Watching them explore their world by night gives further proof to the power of camping. After returning to our campsite we made smores. The Girls choose to watch a bedtime movie, which ended up watching them sleep. 

A morning swim is a favorite way to start the day, Our girls thought so too!
But they made it an all day affair. We always take along goggles and floats to add to the fun. The mom confessed that she thought three girls would be a great deal of work for her, but as they played in the lake all day (in life jackets). Finding treasures, riding the waves from passing boats. Mom realized just how easy camping can be. She sat near the waters edge under a beach umbrella catching up on some reading and the natural beauty.
Until next time. 
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  1. Great Post. I enjoyed reading about the families that joined in on the camping experience for the first time. Keep up this great blog, your talking about something that black folks don't talk to much about anymore "nature."

    Peace and blessing...


  2. We your appreciate your comments. With so much tension in the nation today. We need to be able to relax.
    And camping will do that for you.

  3. I'm glad more famlies are considering camping vacations now. All it takes is an invitation and they are hooked.

  4. Thanks for comments, exposure can do wonders.