Barefoot on the beach

Each summer as with a lot of families, we have our annual summer vacation.
As you would have guessed, ours is a camping vacation. This time we choose St. Augustine, Florida, and stayed at Anastasia state park.
The sites were very tropical, small but cozy. Once settled in we felt as if we were on a tropical island. The history of St. Augustine is rich in culture as in the picture above, this quarry was worked by Native Americans and enslaved Africans. The coquina stone mined from this quarry was then used to build the Castillo De San Marcos fort.
Another site that's rich in history is Fort Mose (pronounced mo' se) the first settlement for freed Africans in North America.
The town is adorable. We toured around on a rented scooter, which was an adventure on it's own.
We followed the path of the tour buses which lead us to the tour sites. We visited the Ponce De Leon fountain of youth (and looking younger for it!), The Castillo De San Marcos fort, just to name a few.  And what a way to top off a day by visiting a local winery for a tour and a wine tasting, a really good wine tasting!

The beach at Anastasia campground was unbelievable, on this visit our footprints were literally the only ones. The beach is breathtaking, the white sand so soft underfoot.
The entire week as we toured various sites around St. Augustine, we listened to one of our favorite cd's Barefoot on the beach.
Where Micheal Franks talks about the beach and the Fountain of youth.  A couple that we've known for decades was coming down to spend the rest of the week with us.
Being from Boston, whenever we go anywhere near the ocean we try to get in a deep sea fishing trip. So we were excited.
Remember camping can be more than roasting marshmallows, It's a inexpensive way to travel and explore new places.
Never underestimate the power of camping, the possibilities are endless.
Stay tuned for part two, our adventure at sea, and what an adventure it was!

The Camping Consultants

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