Barefoot on the beach (part 2) /The curse of the banana

This is part two of Barefoot on the beach. 
Deep sea fishing is a all day affair, so we pack a soft cooler like a picnic.
Some boats sell drinks and snacks,
but we're picky eaters so we always bring our own.
Being that it's Florida in summer we also pack rain ponchos just in case it showers, also sun screen and sunglasses.
Our friends have also packed snacks and lunch for the afternoon.
The day begins early, the boat pulls out to sea at six o'clock. It's warm and it's just beginning to brighten up, into what seems to be a great day. We speed away with the boat jumping the waves.

The captain and his mates welcomed everyone aboard and explained where we would be going, and the types of fish we hopefully will catch. When the captain noticed that our friends had brought bananas aboard. The captain tells him that bananas are bad luck  on a fishing boat, and that he needed to get rid of them. That was the first time that we had heard of that superstition, what the captains says is okay in our book.
Our friend laughs, peels the fruit and begins to eat from the bunch. It takes about an hour to reach the fishing area. Our banana eating friend has heaving over the side of the boat the whole time.
Every one has rods ready, we bait up and drop line anticipating our first catch.
The captain sees fish on radar we wait, but nothing happens. So we go further out to sea.
Again we stop and fish and now half the boat is sea sick. Still no fish!
Then it gets worse!!

 (Clouds rolling in)

Out of nowhere the sky turns black and the sun just disappeared.
The wind begins to pick up causing the waves to rock the boat dramatically, but we still fish.
Now almost everyone is sick, and like something out of a movie rain began to pour down upon us tossing the boat about like a toy. We were scared! Everyone was silent or sick as we waited for the storm to pass. Finally after about an hour which felt like a day, we see glimmers of sun as the rain lets up and we head back to the marina. Not one person caught anything.
We were all disappointed except for our still sick friend who was happy to be back on land.
There was no sympathy from the crew or passengers for our banana eating buddy. 
So Don't Eat Bananas on a Fishing Boat!!

The Camping Consultants

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